Best malai kulfi in Chennai


Kulfi is one of the oldest desert, loved by all age group people. In chennai, we can find many kulfi shops and many kulfi mans on street selling malai kulfi.

There are many branded kulfi shops like kulfi house who sell different variety of kulfi’s from stick to roll, in different tastes from mango to almond.

But many people in chennai are fond of malai kulfi. It is similar in appearance and taste like ice cream but it will be much denser and more creamier. The traditional favor of the kulfi is Malai.

The word kulfi is derived from a persian word which means covered cup. Sweets made of dense evaporated milk is very popular, which during the mughal period, they packed the mixture in a cone shape with added cardamom, pistachios and saffron. And then the cones are immersed in ice cubes to make it cooler and thicker.

In India the kulfi sellers are called as kulfiwalas and they are more famous in Northern India. Most of them come by each street during night and sell kulfis. People also like to taste kulfi during night time.

After the northern people settled in southern India, they started kulfi business in this part also. So in Chennai also we can find many kulfiwalas in our streets selling kulfi. Some will taste extremely good and some will not taste as good as we think.

Kulfiwala in Marina Beach

So we must take extra care and search to find a good kulfiwala who sells the best kulfi. During one such search by us, we found the kulfiwala in chennai marina beach, behind the avvaiyar statue, near vivekanandar illam which is opposite to marina beach.

There were many other kulfiwalas roaming in the marina road selling kulfi, but i could not find merely one person buying from them, but this kulfiwals is sourrounded by atmost 20 persons every minute. He didn’t had time even to look away. He was very busy in taking the kulfi from the plastic moulds which were in a large earthenware pot. He serves the kulfi by piercing it with a stick and placing it on a leaf.

Cost of Chennai Marina Beach Kulfiwala’s Malai Kulfi

The cost of this kulfi was Rs.30 per kulfi, but the taste was awesome. We had kulfi one day before from a famous kulfi shop in chennai where the price was minimum Rs.50 to maximum Rs.100. But this malai kulfi was incomparable to it, this tasted really awesome.

Really from now we will taste it each time we go to marina and we have also decided we must plan to go to marina beach only to taste this kulfi. You can also go and taste this delicious kulfi

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