Recycling takes a whole new level

September 7, 2015 chennaio 0

Waste coffee grounds will currently be accustomed alleviate climate change! Researchers from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea, have succeeded in […]

English Words and its Usage – Part 21

March 28, 2013 chennaio 0

discriminating Pronunciation: ⁄dɪˈskrɪmɪneɪtɪŋ⁄ adjective having or showing refined taste or good judgement:he became a discriminating collector and patron of the arts brooch Pronunciation: ⁄brəʊtʃ⁄ noun […]

English Words and its Usage – Part 20

March 26, 2013 chennaio 0

irksome Pronunciation: ⁄ˈəːks(ə)m⁄ adjective irritating; annoying:an irksome journey petty regulations were becoming very irksome prattle Pronunciation: ⁄ˈprat(ə)l⁄ verb [no object] talk at length in a […]

English Words and its Usage – Part 17

March 20, 2013 chennaio 0

unanimity Pronunciation: ⁄juːnəˈnɪmɪti⁄ noun [mass noun] agreement by all people involved; consensus:there is almost complete unanimity on this issue mettle Pronunciation: ⁄ˈmɛt(ə)l⁄ noun [mass noun] […]

English Words and its Usage – Part 15

March 18, 2013 chennaio 0

unwonted Pronunciation: ⁄ʌnˈwəʊntɪd⁄ adjective [attributive] unaccustomed or unusual:there was an unwonted gaiety in her manner seethe Pronunciation: ⁄siːð⁄ verb [no object] 1(of a liquid) boil […]