Online Crime

March 28, 2013 chennaio 0

This project can play a major role in crime monitoring. It can help police to correlate, visualize and analyze crime data. Crime rate in all […]

Online Voting

March 19, 2013 chennaio 0

The main objective and motto of the project titled with “OSV” Website for election process using secure voting   . The web provides facilities to maintain […]

Alumni Information System

March 11, 2013 chennaio 0

Alumni Information System is increasingly attracting the attention of Graduates & Post Graduate students by their affordances and reach. We define in our project as […]

Jewelry Shop

March 2, 2013 chennaio 0

The Project entitled “WEB MART SYSTEM FOR JEWELLERY SHOP” is a web application developed for a jewel shop to promote the traditional shopping into Internet […]

Online Job Portal

February 28, 2013 chennaio 0

The aim of the development of the project is to develop a portal which supports both company and job seekers. The proposed system involves a […]

Online Vendor System

February 28, 2013 chennaio 0

Abstract Web Based Procurement for Vendor Supply System is the business-to-business or business-to-consumer purchase and sale of supplies and services through the Internet as well […]