Doubt in TN for Pongal Special Buses

Pongal Special Buses

As the government bus employee continues the strike, people of Tamilnadu are very much worried whether they will be able to reach their home town to celebrate pongal festival. TN Government Buses are not still running in the state fully. So Pongal Special Buses are in doubt

So the demand for private buses has gone higher. Normally the private bus owners will hike the price double during festival season, when the government buses were available. But now since the government buses are not available, it is the money rain season for the private bus operators. It is the amount they fix for the ticket, the people are now in a worst situation.

Particularly the people in chennai are very much worried, since most of them are from other parts of Tamilnadu. Mainly the rural people who have came to work in chennai are suffering a lot, as pongal is their main festival, and they celebrate with much joy, but this year they are not sure whether they will be able to go to their home town to celebrate the festival.

Pongal is the festival which is celebrated to the Lord Sun and it is celebrated for four days, starting from Boghi to kannum pongal.

It is now in the hands of Tamilnadu government to make the people of Tamilnadu that they can reach their home town safely and enjoy pongal festival as usual.

As the strike of government bus employees has entered day 7, the commuters of Tamilnadu state are very much worried, as they are told by the government officials in the bus booking office that they can not book the tickets as there is uncertainty in operating of buses. In spite of these issues the Tamilnadu government says about 70% of the buses are running, but it is not actually true. Sources also confirm that about 70,000 passengers who have already booked their tickets in Government buses are not sure, how they are going to travel.

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