Heavy Rain brought chennai to halt

Heavy rain in chennai

Schools were declared holiday due to the heavy rain on 30th October 2017. Reports says that the heavy rain will still continue for four to five days. It remains all the office goers to think they can also be a school kid so that they might have also got holiday to enjoy the rain. But unfortunately the elders are thinking in other way that what will happen in the coming days, weather the condition will be worsen like the 2015 flood.

Monday morning turned out chaotic in several parts as rains flooded roads, causing traffic jams. Amazing roll clouds moving in as the first day of Monsoon begins in Chennai. And thus it’s the time of rains for Chennai. Models not predicting 50cms in 24 hours but it will spread over 10 days. Water logging may happen but too early to worry about flooding. There is nothing to panic about the Chennai Rains. Don’t fall prey to rumours.

No one in chennai, or the entire country won’t forget the 2015 flood which happened in chennai. We can’t ignore the current situation also, as the monsoon has started early november and will continue till december. If the rain intensifies in the coming days flood is for sure in Chennai. But the governement and the local authorities are taking necessary steps to stop the worse conditions to occur.

The large chembarambakkam lake in chennai which was the major cause for the flood in 2015, is getting filled quickly. For yesterdays rain alone the water storage has raised to 452Mcft, which now seems to be less, but if the rain continues in the same intensity for another few days this will surely increase drastically as the inflow is 1719cusecs.


Apart from Chembarambakkam the other drinking water reservoirs of chennai like Puzhal, Cholavaram, and Poondi are also getting filled quickly.

According to google the rain has bee predicted for chennai till next week tuesday, so it is always safe to take the necessary precautionary measures before getting affected.