Kalpakkam breeder reactor all set to launch

The 500-MWe prototype fast breeder reactor (PFBR) at Kalpakkam, near here, is preparing to be commissioned in September. once the reactor goes important, it’ll signal India’s triumphant entry into the second stage of its three-stage atomic energy programme.

The PFBR will use plutonium-uranium chemical compound as fuel and one,750 tonnes of liquid sodium as coolant. it’s referred to as a reactor as a result of it breeds additional fuel than it consumes. “We are committed to creating the PFBR attain criticality in September,” said P. Chellapandi, chairman and managing director, Bharatiya Nabikhiya Vidyut Nigam limited (BHAVINI), a public sector enterprise of the Department of energy, tasked with building stock breeder reactors.

The PFBR construction had been completed and instrumentation energised. “We are awaiting clearance from the atomic energy regulative Board (AERB) for sodium charging, fuel loading, reactor criticality and so stepping up power generation,” Dr. Chellapandi aforementioned.

The AERB had sent many safety committees to the PFBR for scrutiny of style compliance and element specifications.

Dr. Chellapandi said: “We have kept the sodium frozen in ten massive tanks.

“All heat transport systems, comprising the pipelines, the heat exchanger parts and tanks, are full of pure noble gas to avoid any chemical change with sodium and oxygen. we’ve to soften the sodium and pump it into the reactor circuits.”

After the sodium charging, engineers can perform thermal fluid mechanics experiments to examine the functioning of the pumps and also the device.

Later, the AERB can provide clearance for loading the fuel. in the initial stage of the atomic energy programme, a fleet of pressurized moderator Reactors, running on natural uranium, had been designed. within the second stage, a series of stock breeder reactors can come back up. Reactors running on metal will form the third stage.

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