Kamal Kanti Mala – Thamarai Mani Mala

Thamarai Mani Malai which is known as Kamal kanti mala in Hindi is made up of the lotus seeds.

This mala has the ability to absorb positive vibration around us and spread the same where we are. So the one who has this mala will always be surrounded by positive vibration.

This mala is to be weared during doing Pooja particularly during Laxmi Pooja and jappa.

As all know lotus is the place where the Goddess Laxmi dwells and Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth. So the one who have this mala will get wealth and all his money related issues will be solved.

This mala can be possessed by the person who is in deep problem due tomoney, those who don’t have a proper job, those who want to achieve greater heights in life.

Believe and have the thamarai mala with you, you will surely reach greater heights.

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