Mersal hype makes national leaders to comment

Mersal tweets are trending topic of today. Different leaders from all over the country are commenting about Mersal. Some of the tweets are here for you.

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot on Twitter had twitted “BJP demanding cuts to Tamil film Mersal just because a character points at high GST is totally unjustified and inappropriate”, he has further added ” It shows how ruling party is hell bent upon curbing any kind of criticism, even in popular culture”

P.Chidambaram of Congress has tweeted “BJP demands deletion of dialogues in Mersal. Imagine the consequences if parasakthi was released today”

Vice president of Indian national Congress Rahul Gandhi has tweeted “Mr.Modi, cinema is a deep expression of Tamil culture and language. Don’t try to demon-etise Tamil by interfering in Mersal”

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