Monsoon rain in Chennai

As per the weatherman report, the moment we waited for so long has arrived, the moment which our water problems are going to be solved have started from yesterday night and its going to be a one awesome month of November
Yes, the real monsoon rains have started today. Its going to be a rainy start not only for Chennai but for all coastal districts across Tamil Nadu. Delta may see action from today evening itself. Next few days are going to be dream days for Rains in Chennai and also most parts of the Tamil Nadu.

Dont fall prey to rumuors even if it is from a big name, like even if BBC says something about floods. First let it rain. Then we can talk about floods. Sitting somewhere in london, they cant understand what model is saying about a cyclone or floods. Lets enjoy the coming day rains and let the cyclone form first then we can talk about it. So forget about Cyclone and lets concentrate on the awesome rains ahead. With or without Cyclone we are in for a treat

From today morning, its an awesome sight for chennai with monsoon rains lashing the City and lets say goodbye to the sunshine after today for a while. Temp will be well down in the coming days.

How suddenly the monsoon is so positive
Many wondered how forecast became so much positive, the reason is MJO an equatorial wave which enhances rainfall is going to come into our basin and will remain in Phase 2 & 3 for a while. Its going to remain in our basin till end of the month. Previously, it was expected to skip our basin and remain in pacific and make our basin less active. That’s changed now. When ever MJO remained in Phase 2 and 3, we have got good rains.

So is the change in the outcome of our NEM. Its going to be a above normal monsoon rains. Most of the rains will happen in November till 1st week of December

For School going kids, its going to be a very happy 30 days.

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