Pongal 2018 Buses from Chennai

Pongal 2018 Buses

Pongal 2018 Buses from Chennai is not yet been announced, people from Chennai are eagerly waiting when the special buses will be announced. Most of the chennai people are the one, who have came to chennai for work. They are from different parts of Tamilnadu and other states. They normally go to their home town during festivals.

As pongal is one of the main festival of tamil people they are waiting to go to their home town, but the special buses are yet to be announced due the Bus employee strike they are in a confused state, thinking how they can go to their home town.

The normal buses which are operated is not being operated due to the strike, some buses are operated by using temporary drivers. Government has announced 12th January 2018 as holiday for all the schools and planned to use the school bus drivers to operate the buses if the strike continues.

Even if the school bus drivers operate the government bus, there won’t be sufficient buses available, the passengers has to get crushed in the crowd to reach home town.

Also if the drivers of school buses work, only the normal buses can be operated by the Government, but not the special buses as there will be shortage in buses.

Also if they appoint temporary drivers to operate the buses, the general public fear to travel in those buses as most of the buses operated by the temporary drivers met with accident in the past few days.

Current news about Tamilnadu Bus Strike

Due to the high court’s new order the government employee bus union has withdrawn the strike and the buses will be operated as usual from tomorrow, as tweeted by T.K Rangarajan, CPM State Spokesperson.

Chennai High Court has appointed the retired Judge Padmanaban to discuss with the Government and take a good decision.

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