Preventive measures for chennai floods

precautions for rain chennai

Different preventive measures to be taken when a cyclone or flood is being declared. This would be more useful for the people of chennai, as we have already saw a worse condition in 2015 chennai flood

  • If requested by local authorities, collect children from school or childcare centre and go home.
  • Park vehicles under solid shelter (hand brake on and in gear).
  • Pack an evacuation kit of warm clothes, essential medications, baby formula, nappies,
    valuables, important papers
  • Remain indoors (with your pets). Stay tuned to your local radio/TV for further information.
  • Disconnect all electrical appliances. Listen to your battery radio for updates.
  • Stay inside and shelter {well clear of windows) in the strongest part of the building,
  • Beware the calm ‘eye’. If the wind drops, don’t assume the cyclone is over; violent winds
    will soon resume from another direction. Wait for the official ‘all clear’.
  • If driving, stop (handbrake on and in gear) – but well away from the sea and clear of trees,
    power lines and streams. Stay in the vehicle.

Here find a small cute kid who experienced the 2015 chennai flood is informing us about the preventive measures to be taken if a flood occurs again. The info seems to be joke, but it’s the kids feeling, enjoy watching it

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