Rohit Sharma brings up his third double-hundred in ODIs

Phew, what an outrageous innings from Rohit Sharma. Take a bow, Rohit. Another outrageous innings. Back of a length on middle, Rohit jabs it away through midwicket. He celebrates the landmark with a Warner-esque leap (sort of). He then has his hands aloft and soaks in the applause among the Mohali crowd.

The platform had been set by Dhawan’s breezy fifty. With the momentum just switching seamlessly from one batsman to another, Sri Lanka’s bowlers simply wilted. Karthik will be back in a bit for the start of the chase.

I think I was just a spectator at the non-striker’s end. He got his hundred off 112 balls and it was just the Rohit Sharma show. Yesterday, I batted in the nets and I took the same confidence onto the field. I believe in myself and my instincts. It it a little bit cold but it still a nice wicket. We have an amazing total on the board. Me and Rohit just decided to take it on till the 40th over: that was the plan. If anyone of us stays, it will be great for the other batsmen. There was a patch where I just saw Rohit Sharma and I was stunned.

His first hundred came off 115 balls, his second off just 36 balls. Shreyas Iyer also thrilled with his strokeplay and ability to manipulate the field during his first international fifty.

Confidence is the key factor for good or bad performances. Srilanka already lost their confidence against the best batting attack in the world while India gain their confidence back since their lost in the last game. Rohit has gained the confidence fully.

Today our hitman has switched on the BEAST mode. All our thought was “Is it possible for another double?” Rohit proved it again he is one of the best sticker in current players of cricket

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