Special Buses for Diwali 2017

Bookings of Special Buses for Diwali 2017 have been started and the pubic is searching where and how to book. Festivals are the days to rejoice. In olden times most of the people where in their home town as a big family enjoying each and every moment. Whereas now all are split father is working in a city, mother in another city, children study in different cities. It is only a festival they all come together to their home town to meet and enjoy.

But it also now became big task, that is booking tickets for the buses has become a complex task. Most of the buses for diwali has already been booked. Special diwali buses booking has also been started. Redbus is providing various special buses.

Transport Minister M.R. Vijayabhaskar has proposed that around 5,000 special buses for diwali will be operated from October 15 to 17

Form Chennai including 4,820 special buses, a total of 7,095 buses will be operated, comprising 2,275 regular buses

Other than this the various private bus operators also has also proposed for various special buses for this diwali 2017

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