This December Tsunami again in Chennai

According to report by an ESP reader in Kerala Tsunami is going to hit Chennai before the end of this December. He is not only an ESP reader, he is also an physics researcher. But we can’t believe this hundred percent. This is just a predection, predection can’t be always true.

The person who predicted tsunami in Chennai before end of December 2017 is Babu Kalayil who lives in Kerala and owns a research firm named B.K. Research Association for ESP. He has written a letter to our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding an earthquake to be occurred in Indian ocean before 31st December 2017. He has written and sent the prediction letter on 20th September 2017. The letter itself has many grammatical mistakes but the content on the the letter makes us worried.

Find below the letter written by Babu to our Prime Minister

But none of the credible organization has acknowledged or agreed to his statement and they claim this as nothing but fake prediction which threatens the public.

This prediction may be fake but we can’t deny the fact that Chennai has curse on each year December for the past few years. All natural disasters happens for Chennai during this month, each year. So it is better to be safe taking all the precautions before we fall prey to any of the disaster caused by nature

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