Top tech product launches by end of 2015

OnePlus 2 is coming on July 27

OnePlus One is incredibly popular because it’s cheap compared to most flagship Android phones, but was still a top-notch product that works well. Now, the company is gearing up to launch its follow up phone this month. It’s going to have a new design that incorporates metal and a fingerprint scanner that works better than Touch ID.
2 Apple’s first large-screen iPad is expected in October too
Apple has been rumoured to be working on an iPad with 12.9-inch screen, which would make it almost the same size as the screen on the 13-inch MacBook.

Apple typically unveils its new iPads in October, so there’s a chance we’ll see it then. We haven’t heard much about whether or not a new 9.7-inch iPad is in the works as well.

3 Google will probably launch 2 Nexus smartphones in October

For the past two years, Google has introduced its new Nexus phones in October. Going by that, Google could release another new phone this October to coincide with the launch of the next version of its mobile OS, Android M.

We haven’t heard much about what to expect from Google’s Nexus 6 successor, but Android Police reports that Google may release two new Nexus devices this year. One will reportedly have a 5.2-inch screen, while the other will have a 5.7-inch display.

4 Along with Android M
Android M will be released this fall, although Google hasn’t said exactly when; however, the next Nexus phones will come preloaded with the new OS.

The update brings a few significant changes to Android, but among the biggest is Google Now On Tap, a more advanced version of Google Now that anticipates what you want before you ask it.

5 Motorola may release Moto X (Gen 3) in September as well

Last year, Motorola introduced the update to its Moto X smartphone in September, so it’s just about time for an update.

Motorola hasn’t officially said anything about its next phone, but a website called STJS Gadgets Portal claims to have obtained a list of specifications for a the next Moto X phone.

Based on this leak, it sounds like the phone will come with a bigger and sharper screen, a better camera, and longer battery life.

6 Samsung will release Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus in September

Samsung is likely preparing to launch its new Galaxy Note phones, which typically debut at IFA expo, which is scheduled for September 4-9 this year. Galaxy Note 5 will likely come with a 2K or 4K resolution screen and sport a 16MP rear camera, according to SamMobile reports.

The second-generation Galaxy Note Edge smartphone is also expected to make its debut at IFA 2015 as well. Expected to be called Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, it will probably be the same size as Galaxy Note 4, but the screen will slightly curve on both sides just like the S6 Edge.

7 Apple will announce iPhone 6S in September

Apple typically unveils its new iPhones in September, and we don’t have reason to believe this year will be any different. Apple’s next iPhone is likely to be called the iPhone 6S, and it’s expected to come with a better camera and a Force Touch screen just like the Apple Watch. It will probably come in two sizes just like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
8 And iOS 9 is coming with next iPhones

Apple has already confirmed that iOS 9 will launch this fall. Apple usually times the launch of its new software with its iPhone unveiling, so it’ll likely roll out when the next iPhone goes on sale.

iOS 9 brings a bunch of new features to the iPhone and iPad, such as a more powerful version of Siri that’s more contextual, the ability to run apps side-by-side on the iPad, and more.

9 Windows 10 is coming in July too.

Microsoft’s much-anticipated Windows 10 is officially launching on July 29. It’s a big update, especially for those who have been itching for a more traditional Windows experience following Windows 8.

It’s coming with a new Start menu that looks more like the old one, a cleaner browser called Edge that’s meant to be the new Internet Explorer, and more.

10 HTC’s virtual reality headset will arrive by year-end

HTC and Valve’s virtual reality headset is supposed to be among the best of its kind. Called Vive, it’s expected to debut before the end of the year. When the two companies first unveiled the Vive at this year’s Mobile World Congress, it received rave reviews.

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