Uber Targets India to expand by introducing new basic features in its app


Uber is the transportation based technology company having head quarters at San Francisco, California, United States. It is also operating in India. Uber is a German word meaning ‘above’. It operates based on the mobile app. Both the drivers and user will have the smartphone in which the app will be loaded. The user can book the ride with the app and the driver will arrive to the pickup location based on the address given in the app by the user.

The app is very nice that it shows the directions of the address from starting and destination locations. Uber India is now making changes to make the accessible of the app even by the lame customer very easy.

Uber has also now collaborated with FC Indian Super League for the Football matches. And it has declared that it has planned to provide hassle free safe and reliable way for the users to travel easily to and from the stadium for the matches to be held in Mumbai.

For that the company has offered special ride discounts for all the days the team plays in Mumbai. Ticket holders of the Mumbai city FC matches in Mumbai can avail 50 percent discount(upto Rs.75)

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