Unbreakable and Unhackable is what they say about the all new Turing phone


SYL CHAO OPENS his silver case and lays it on the table. He dexterously puts on white gloves and begins to expose white cloths from 3 rectangular devices ahead of him. It’s like being during a Marvel movie: this can be the scene wherever the person reveals his grand set up for world/universal domination/destruction. Chao cuts an ideal genius-supervillian figure, too: like an expert tailored blue suit, thick eyeglasses, dead coiffed brunette hair, and a mad-scientist ambience. He’s the corporate executive of turing Robotic Industries, that feels like an area Tony Stark interned. and also the device Chao is unwrapping, the 3 colours of the turing Phone, are big, blocky, and sharply designed, not like anything. it’s adore it look might sprout arms and antennae and start wreaking mayhem.

As he unwraps it, Chao explains his vision. “Not everybody needs to drive a Volkswagen,” he says. “There are folks that like Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris. Right now, most phones are Volkswagens.” The phone in Chao’s hand is a supercar.

The turing Phone could be a 5.5-inch smartphone, running android 5.1, however it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. it’s a sharply snaky, multi-colored shell, and a dotted back, borrowed from ballistic capsule styles and also the results of “thousands, virtually thousands” of sketches. (The ballistic capsule “Endurance” from heavenly body was significantly sacred.) It comes in 3 models: pharaoh, Cardinal, and beowulf. each takes color and texture cues from the supply material, just like the scales from Grendel’s Mother inBeowulf. It’s truly somewhat under-specced, with an older snapdragon processor and solely 16GB of storage within the entry-level model, although it will have a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel model on the front.

The phone has no USB port, and no earphone jack. There’s simply one, proprietary jack that appears somewhat just like the MacBook’s MagSafe, and Bluetooth.

Its package is totally, entirely customized; all Chao had to indicate during a demo were many homescreens, however he’s supremely assured it’s attending to be “a masterpiece.” He guarantees a complete overhaul of android, an enormous improvement on Google’s vision across the board. He imagines the phone is for designers—Chao is associate degree creator each by disposition and training—as well as anyone who needs one thing somewhat completely different from the black rectangles that blanket the world’s carrier stores.


Turing won’t market the phone this fashion, however the phone is intended with security greatly in mind. End-to-end cryptography is constructed into most of the core apps on the phone. It even includes a “Turing coin” inside, a cryptocurrency Chao hopes will catch on—if he can, he laughs, your phone may virtually appreciate in worth once you purchase it. It’s all activated through a fingerprint reader on the aspect of the phone, and is formed to stay servers and third parties out of your business the maximum amount as doable (the company is functioning on an API to let others access of these features).

Unbreakable, too. It’s product of a cloth known as liquidmorphium. (I’m telling you, this is often a Marvel comic waiting to happen.) Liquidmorphium is stronger than steel or metal, a lot of economical to use in producing, and apparently future massive factor in phones. Apple uses it somewhat, Chao says, however solely within the SIM card slot on the iPhone—though he says the iPhone seven may build rather more use of the fabric.

The phone is additionally very waterproof, because of a nano-coating on the internals. There’s no rubber, though, and everything is accessible and open, SYL Chao says (SYL are his initials—he goes by Steve). If you set the Turing Phone within the water, it’s not designed to be sealed, and water can get in. simply pull it out, shake it off, and act your business.

Remember these 3 options, Chao says: privacy keys, liquid metal, nano-coating. “These options are just like the GPS, Wi-Fi, and camera of the first days of smartphones. folks were like, ‘Why do i would like that?’ on the other hand they were standardized. within the future, if you don’t have liquid metal, nano-coating, and a privacy key, you’ll be phased out directly.” Oh, and simply just in case you didn’t believe him: “I will assure you,” he says, “the 3 things I’m talking concerning are identical things Apple is considering without delay.”

The phone is offered for pre-order beginning july thirty one, starting at $610 for a 16GB model. It’ll be obtainable unbolted, though Chao says Turing is functioning with carriers to form it obtainable a lot of wide.

Whether he’s right or not, Chao isn’t back concerning what he worries the new device—or of each alternative phone on the earth. however this isn’t the endgame of Turing AI Industries. It’s simply the terrible starting. Chao and his team are functioning on battery technology, that he says they’ll be able to show in eight months and goes to “change the planet.” the final word arrange is to create a golem pantryman, “that can serve your day-after-day wants.” To do so, Chao says, “we are functioning on our own artificial consciousness machine. Not computer science, artificial consciousness.”

Iron Man would be proud.

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