Women falls to death while attempting to take selfie atop a bridge




A 21-year-old woman died after falling from a bridge while trying to take a selfie in Russia.

Anna Krupeynikova was out sightseeing around Moscow with her friends. When she leaned against a fence to take a picture of herself, her support reportedly gave way and she fell off the bridge to death.

Anna, a tourism graduate, had come to the spot with a group in a bus to celebrate the birthday of a friend.

“She was quiet but always cheerful,” Anton, one in the group, said.

“Suddenly I heard a yell and someone said ‘Anna fell down’ I thought it was a joke but then I saw the reaction of people who went and looked over the side of the bridge,” he said.

Local media said police were investigating whether Anna was under the influence of alcohol. However, her friends said nobody on the bus was drinking.

Russia recently launched a campaign urging people to take safe selfies. Mock road signs were placed to warn against dangerous poses, after a number of people were killed or injured while clicking photos of themselves.

Around 10 people have been already killed and 100 hurt this year in accidents in Russia while snapping hazardous images, from posing with a loaded gun or a hand grenade to climbing on to a railway bridge.

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